KINETIC PERFUME BARCELONA is a niche perfume brand that was created to transfer and preserve memories and emotions through fragrances and olfactory sensations. The concept is inspired by kinetics in a multilevel sense of the word. Kinetics is a relationship between motion and energy, the energy that an object possesses due to its movement. Kinetic energy is everywhere, it surrounds us and it comes in different forms and dimensions. A perfume, the fragrance we wear, the movement of its molecules is a form of kinetic energy. Fragrances like music and art create and radiate energy to stimulate and experience emotions. Kinetic fragrances are characterized by high projection. The minimalist, monolithic design of the product discreetly conceals a luxurious finish and attention to every detail. A round shape, a specially designed magnetic closure enhances the impression of dynamics. Modernity has been combined with a timeless tradition and craftsmanship. The fragrances have been created by the world masters of perfumery using the best ingredients available. The production of the oils takes place in Barcelona in a family business that has mastered this art to perfection for 3 generations. Passion and love as well as selectively selected raw materials create the unique character of our products. We believe that unique and timeless products inspire people and their lives.

My adventure and love for perfumes began in 2014, when I visited the niche perfume fair “Esxence” in Milan. Since then, fascinated by beautiful fragrances, I have explored the secrets of this world. Enthusiasm and curiosity turned into passion and passion in a way of life, in which I am accompanied by my wife and an amazing team of people who during my many journeys appeared on my private and professional path and without whom the KINETIC PERFUME BARCELONA brand would not be created. Together, we have created a unique collection of kinetic fragrances inspired by emotions, memories and life experiences.


Sillage in French means the path left behind a ship on the surface of the water. In the context of fragrance, it is a smudge of perfume in the air. The composition is like a photography with a long exposure time, it gains power, materializes and becomes permanent. Agarwood opens the composition, giving the scent a dark tone, passing into the distance with soft notes of saffron and violet, SILLAGE is a fragrance on the verge of sensations. Its layers are fluid and in effect it takes us from rough resins to warm musk and vanilla like an emotion that leaves a touch.


L’UNA stands for one, unique and brings to mind a loved one, a woman who radiates warmth and good energy. L’UNA, a composition where roses, the health guardians of grapevines and Italian prunus domestica in compilation with the oriental saffron and the spicy addition of nutmeg create an extremely sensual and warm portrait of feminine elegance.


Nel is a fair-haired girl with the eyes and soul of an angel, subtle and delicate, who reaches for own in a characterful way. The composition reflects her nature, very perverse, gentle and at the same time predatory as a combination of floral notes with animal ambergris and the and rhubarb bitterness. NEL, Nel is a “dry sweetness” that is impossible not to love.


UNREAL is a fragrance that touches you before you even notice it. Senses, white iris, suede, pepper, juniper berries and ginger. Invigorating joy, a wave of Amalfi lemon! strikes with force and withdraws, leaving euphoria, how did it happen ?! Close your eyes and let the impossible surrender to the darkness full of white. Things that only last a moment are eternal.


KAYU from Indonesian means wood. The composition is a journey towards the homeland of the most valuable agar tree used in it, Thailand and Laos. These are the dry, earthy nuances of oud, incense and guaiac wood. KAYU is a woody tale. Initially airy and clean, it develops slowly with notes of rosemary and mandarin, quickly turning into notes of vanilla. Sweet and dry, smooth and rough. Surprising, euphoric and warm.


VERDIGRIS is the sea that meets at the intersection of heaven and land. The color of the patina covering the copper. Noble green evokes salt from the ocean on the roofs of Mediterranean houses. The freshness of citruses, Italian lemons and oranges provide an unobtrusive background. VERDIGRIS deconstructs the classic chypre and reassembles traditional elements. Freesias, roses, and resedas are broken with notes of nutmeg and coriander. Expressive, though woody only discreetly. Ethereal but resonant. Salt as ice cold as snow.


AURA is inspired by the idea of immaterial space enclosing humans, animals and objects. The layers of the scent surround a person like a net of vibrations. AURA’s distinctive hue is a symbol of warmth, sensuality and the color of its key note: raspberry. AURA, an invisible force field, emanation of inner energy.



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